The First China Management Science Conference was held in Su

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17th October, 2015,the first session of “China Management Science Conference” has been held in the centre of Society of Management Science of China (Suzhou, Jiangsu Province) as an important activity of the Third China Management Forum 100. Outstanding authors were awarded in the conference.

Some excellent authors and professionals were invited to attend at the meeting. During the meeting, the participants shared and discussed based on their views and research results from their paper. Many of the authors said, the opportunity of discussing with a number of scholars and enterprise managers is rare, they benefit a lot.  

A Call for Papers was issued by the China Management Forum 100 Organizing Committee on the eve of the meeting, which gained extensive attention. A steady stream of articles received within a month until the opening of the forum. Eventually, the committee received a total of 75 effective essays. Essay authors covering the area of academia, business and management research institutions. Many overseas management researchers also contribute a lot; the range of the topic shows widely, involved in various fields. Hot topics like Internet +, globalization, One Belt And One Road, innovation management etc. have been choose as the main research topics

During the review, the committee invited scholars and experts from universities together with other specialists in related academic institution. 29 papers ultimately won the Best Paper Award. Part of the paper was selected to publish, The Proceedings of Chinese Management International Academic Conference comes out.